About Devlin
June 10, 2010


Devlin DeFrancesco has always been in a hurry. Just ask his mom, Cathy, who gave birth to him an incredible fifteen weeks premature! Yes, you read it right. Speeding into the world as a one pound baby boy that could rest in the palm of your hand, Devlin spent his next four months of life in an incubator at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. He was issued last rites on multiple occasions, and in the event he did survive, he faced doing so while plagued with challenges due to his jump-start into the world. Suffice it to say, the boy can overcome obstacles.

His father Andrew is a huge fan of Formula One, Indycar, and pretty much anything that moves quickly. He has been one of the biggest sponsors and supporters of North American kart racing in recent years, and has formed many friendships through motorsports that are now extending to his son. Devlin was coached by former IMSA prototype racer and Formula Kartways owner David Tennyson when he raced in Canada and attended Sterling Hall School for Boys.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Devlin grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA before moving across the Atlantic ocean to focus on his motorsports career. Currently enrolled at Haileybury, an Independent Boarding School in Hertforshire, near London, England, Devlin is a focused scholar along with a motorsports star. He is fluent in the English and Italian languages.

Devlin’s start in motorsports came under the guidance os IMSA Prototype racer and Formula Kartways owner David Tennysen. As Defrancesco Racing (DFR) developed, the team expanded, adding British karting champions Ben Cruttenden and Nick Mitchell to driver coaches and managers. The two worked with Devlin through his Mini-Max years and his introduction to the European circuit.

Now Devlin works closely with the Italian Morsicani Racing TonyKart team and travels with his personal tuner Will Thompson.

Starting his racing career at the age of six, Canadian born Devlin DeFrancesco has been making waves in the motorsports world. After competing at the club level and getting up to speed with the fast paced karting world, the now 14-year-old is one of the most gifted and talented kart racers worldwide. With a goal to race professionally, DeFrancesco has taken his talents internationally as he continues to hone and develop his skills in the European karting scene.

Though only 14 years of age, Devlin looks to follow in the footsteps of the great Ayrton Senna, the talented Jimmie Johnson, the fan friendly Tony Kanaan and the late Dan Wheldon. While all of the aforementioned drivers started off in the karting ranks and made a career for themselves, DeFrancesco is one day hoping that his name becomes a household one throughout the motorsports community.

While starting his career at a young age, Devlin came into his own in 2009 when he began to win races and stand atop the podium. After claiming the Canadian National Championship in the Rotax Micro Max division, the young and talented competitor competed south of the border to claim the third position in the United States Rotax Grand Nationals. Hailing from Canada but residing in Florida, DeFrancesco was one of very few drivers that was allowed to compete in both international events.

Continuing his winning ways in 2010, Devlin became an instant threat in the Championship Karting International program by claiming race wins. Though not standing on the top when the end of the year point’s battle was decided, Devlin came home in the second position but gained experience that continues to help him today.

A breakout season in 2011 has launched the career of the future motorsports star. After claiming multiple Florida Winter Tour victories as well as becoming the Rotax Mini Max Champion and Vortex Mini Rok Vice-Champion, Devlin went on to claim the Rotax Mini Max Pan-American Championship. Competing against drivers from across the globe, Devlin had a career race as he came from the tail of the field to once again claim the checkers in wet weather competition.

Bouncing back and forth between North America and Europe for his inaugural Junior season in 2013, DeFrancesco competed with the CRG Factory Race Team to start the season. He was immediately on the podium at the Florida Winter Tour in Rotax Junior, earned points in the WSK Euro Series in KF-Junior competition, finished in the top-10 at the US Rotax Grand Nationals, won the Canadian Rotax Junior National title (classified as second-place), and qualified for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals as part of Team Canada. A hand injury, which he raced through the pain at the Canadian Championships, forced him to the sidelines for the second half of the season and ultimately held him back from fully performing at the Rotax Grand Finals.

For 2014, Defrancesco joined Morsicani Racing for a full European season in KF-Junior. Currently a threat at every event he enters, Defrancesco has already been on the podium (CIK European Championships Round #1) and has himself in a championship battle for both the European and Italian Championships.